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Am I not spunktasticy enough for the spunktastic club


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This isn’t just another normal rating community. We take pride in things other than just looks. Applicants should be:
.decent looking
.good personality
.accepting of others
You’ll find out if you’ve been accepted.rejected as ::SPUNKTASTIC:: within twenty four hours of posting, so be quick in voting.

one. Don’t be totally brutal
two. Be honest. But if you don’t like someone, at least have a reason
three. When applying please put “Am I spunktastic enough for the spunktastic club?” in the subject line, to clarify you read the rules
four. When voting, please place your answer in the subject line. If undecided put undecided and try to contact the person for any question you have for them
five. Once a person makes a decision, they’re not allowed to change it.
six. Post at least *FOUR* pictares, and if you’ve any poetry.drawings they DO NOT count as pictares, but you’re allowed to post them with your pictares.
seven. Be nice
eight. Have fun
nine. Be considerate.
ten. Any fighting will result in being permanently removed from the community
eleven. If you’ve been rejected, you’re allowed to reapply, but obviously don’t use the same app.pictares.

|the norm|
.music [genre].
.tv shows.
|describe your_____in ten words|
.why do you think you’re ::SPUNKTASTIC::.
.do you like livejournal.
.do you enjoy frolicking through random fields.
.if you answered no, would you ever frolick through a field.
.anything else we should know.
.interests. [please keep to a minimum, but all interests posted will be added to the interests section]
.do you write.draw. [if yes-post your poetry.short stories and post scan pictares of your drawings and post them with this APP]




thank you.